5 Content Marketing Trends To Put Into Practice In 2019 [Infographic]

Now that the clock has struck twelve and we’ve all crossed the boundary into 2019, the stage belongs to the content marketing trends that will dominate in the present year.

Last year, the Content Marketing Institute revealed that 91% of the B2B marketers employed content marketing to reach their customers. The same source also highlighted that 86% of the B2C marketers applauded content marketing as a key digital marketing strategy.

Whether you serve businesses or consumers, you are ultimately serving people. Content can help you attract, educate, and engage with your customers.

And, if you are looking to take your content’s game up, then you’ve to play by the trends, which is why I’ve put together this infographic to give you a quick look at some content marketing trends to watch for in 2019.

Here’s a breakdown of the trends that will dominate the current year:

  1. Don’t go fishing for ideas and copy-pasting them. You can always gain inspiration from others. But aim to give those borrowed ideas a workout, so that they are cleansed of fluff and unoriginality.
  2. Create content that greets the buyer at every stage of his journey. Your customer first realizes the need for your product, considers buying it, and ultimately purchases. So, you need content that attracts, engages and builds trust, and converts buyers.
  3. Voice search has peaked, so you have to prepare content in a manner that it is optimized for voice search. Example, choose a headline such as “What restaurants deliver Thai food in X area?” over “Thai food delivery restaurants in X area.”
  4. There’s no point writing content in 2019 when you don’t have a plan to distribute it to your readers. Hence, crafting content is not enough, distributing it is equally important.
  5. The number of live videos and webinars has sparked. 55% of the people watch online videos every day. Therefore, tap into the potential of video and plan your content to fit into the video format.

I’ll leave you to the infographic now:

content marketing trends 2019

Remember that content marketing adds a lot of work to your plate. Consider your content writing done if you hire a freelance writer.

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