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Hi there! I’m Masooma, a novel nerd and podcast enthusiast. I craft engaging long-form content for small businesses and app companies.

I pair creative writing with research and solid data to deliver valuable content that is also interesting to read.

Moreover, I can strategically blend keywords into the copy to create content that not only pleases your audience but also the search engines.

In the end, you get compelling, high-quality content that is not infected with plagiarism or adulterated with fluff.

Here’s how my content recipe unfolds:

Valuable content + supporting statistics + subtle keyword usage + emotional touches = Aha content!

Don't believe me? Read what others like you are saying:

“Masooma has been punctual, creative, and incredibly enthusiastic. Any article I’ve assigned her has been completed well and on time. If you were to utilize her skills, she would be a reliable, passionate addition to your team.”

Jordan Gripenwaldt

Executive Editor, Germ Magazine

“I was really impressed by Masooma’s attention to detail, her ability to meet all expected article requirements (length, tone, specific article information) and especially in the professionalism she displayed in her work. I recommend Masooma for opportunities where there is organization and structure, yet where she can express her creativity.”

Arbab Rizvi


Masooma’s content writing skills are terrific, and that’s coming from someone who has a very high standard for content writers. You’re a fool if you pass up on Masooma 🙂

Jabir Mohamed

Founder & CEO, SearchBeast

What can I do for you?

My jam 

Frankly, I have no bias against other industries. In fact, as a content writer for hire, I’ve worked with clients from the real estate industry, HR and marketing, as well as SEO gurus. I’ve ghostwritten tons on solar power and environmental concerns too. 

However, my forte covers productivity, online marketing, and important matters such as customer experience and UX design.

Occasionally, I write content in the health niche too where I rock at crafting content on brain health, mental wellbeing, dementia, specifically Alzheimer’s disease, and more.

Need help?

Publishing 16+ blog posts in a month can get you nearly 4.5 times more leads than not publishing blog posts or adding roughly four posts per month. 

Not sure how to create engaging, reader-friendly, and quality blog posts on a regular basis? Finding yourself overwhelmed with the massive responsibility? Let’s chat.