Dear reader,

Welcome! 👋 And, thanks for visiting my humble spot on the internet.

Let’s get to know each other! 🙌

I’ll go first.

I’m a freelance writer for SaaS and marketing brands, lover of to-lists, and a novel nerd at heart. Given the choice to describe myself in three words, I’d go with what one of my clients, T.J. DeGroat picked for me:

Enthusiastic, energetic, and eager

That’s eager for learning and working on a new content pieces. You see, I’m here for my love for writing and dedication to sharing takeaways that can help readers improve their lives.

And this passion with words dates back to my childhood. It’s nothing new.

I just found a way to turn my passion into my career and meet cool people such as the folks behind Trello, Visme, ContentStudio, Wyzowl, RunCloud, and many more.

So here goes the mandatory – look mom, I did it!

Or, rather, look old me, I did it! Had you told me I’d be chatting with you as a writer with bylines a few years back, I wouldn’t have believed you, trust me. 🤓

*Opens her showcase of published pieces*

Besides good books and writing research-backed, actionable long-form content, I appreciate snackable podcasts– ones with max 30 minutes long episodes sharing value. Plus, cakes and chocolates. Lots of them.

But before I sign off, let me quickly share 3 of my stellar achievements that I’m super proud of lately:

👉 Freelance fellows like my writing (I mean isn’t that big?)

Twitter: @inkandcopy - freelance writer for SaaS

👉 This post for a client ended up ranking first on Google

Masooma Memon - freelance writer for SaaS

👉 And this post for another client ranks on second place on Google

Masooma's post for focus booster

Your turn now!

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Eager to hear from you soon.